Jonah Schulz is from the United States.

Raised by an illustrator and a designer, he learned to make a hard mechanical before he could ride a bike. He still doesn't ride a bike so well, preferring to walk in most cases.

He spent the first decade and a bit of his adult life in New York, earning a BFA in Printmaking from Pratt Institute, building a children's circus, creating museum exhibition panels, printing expensive t-shirts on the floor of a Soho apartment, caring for cheese, painting signs, designing jacket linings, brewing soft drinks, making up fake bands for TV advertisements and drawing Belgian beer labels. Sometimes he did this work in offices and sometimes on his time off from being a stockboy.

He has now lived in London for nearly a decade, spending most of that time working in a brewery. He shares a basement flat with his wife and two Bengal-cross cats.

Almost everything ©Jonah Schulz